Sunday, February 15, 2009


I break my blog silence for Barkus, my favorite Mardi Gras parade. It is the day when Etta (not so) reluctantly ventures forth to meet her adoring public.

Here Etta poses the eternal Barkus question: "Why do you dress me like this, Daddy?" The confusion ends once she goes downstairs and gets (even) more attention than normal

Hey! Butt sniffing is a two-way street, pal!

Hmmm... I saw a documentary about this sort of thing.

Any other time of the year this would be its own post.

Pug bookends

I know, there are other kinds of dogs at Barkus than pugs...

Another shot of these two maginificent beasts.

After the parade, Bugsy (Etta's friend) is ready for a Pimm's Cup!

Well, Etta's done. I have tons more pictures, but I don't want to crash the server.


Paul Pincus said...

love the pug bookends. etta and bugsy are so adorable.

etta couldn't take a bad picture if she tried!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Mardi Gras celebrations often leave me looking a bit like Etta in that last shot.

Felix Werbowy said...

jajajaja "throw up-you'll feel better"

we could grow up 2gether said...

the staring at the drink shot is priceless