Monday, December 05, 2011

Last Nice Weekend for a While

I love the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the French Quarter. It's usually pretty quiet. There was a Saints game in town today, but the Who-Dats were relatively silent. Except for an idiot in LSU facepaint screaming that under my balcony Saturday morning while I was watering plants.

Everything is getting a little yellow and it's time to start trimming. The canna behind the metal chair blooms until the week before Thanksgiving, so I always give it some TLC before I cut it down to the dirt when I have to bring it in for winter.

The croton and amaryllis were inside on my writing table, but I thought I'd give them one last fling before spring. I finally found my paperwhite bulbs from last year, and they're soaking in the little bowl.

My neighbors' ferns are looking a little worse for wear. It's been a dry summer/fall and they've neglected to maintain their automatic sprinklers.

If there is a ray of sun outside, Etta is there, even if it's freezing (for a while, anyway). I'm home today working, getting the last of my balcony time before a front comes through tonight and finally brings winter. Until it warms up to 70 again in a couple of weeks...

Saturday, December 03, 2011

WWOZ Birthday - correction

Oops! I thought it was a 2nd line for Coco Robichaux, but instead it was a birthday parade for WWOZ. Oh well.

That's right: TWO brass bands!

Yes, we do things different down here. RIP Coco.

The View from My Office

Lately I've been quite busy sending out resumes, responding to RFQs (requests for qualifications) and brushing up on my CAD skills. My current contract is winding down, but that's the nature of consulting. There are many opportunities out there, some in NOLA, some out in the Great Elsewhere. Until these materialize, I'll enjoy the view from my worktable in my bedroom.