Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years

Wow! I somehow managed not to post for a year, but then 2007 was a helluva year, mainly a series of narrowly averted disasters. When my old job became hell on earth thanks to a couple of people (who happened to be a couple), I managed to jump ship to a better job. I've managed to not get thrown in jail, go to the hospital, get fired, or permanently alienate my friends and family, but there were times when I pushed it. So I'm giving my guardian angel some time off: no pushing it. So far I'm off to a good start; no hangover on NYD, and no regrets for last night's behavior. There are things about my life I'd like to change, but there's a lot in my life to envy.

I'm also going to take more pictures around the quarter, since my walk to work is a visual feast - if I'm awake enough!