Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, things got a bit out of hand....

It was Mardi Gras day (okay, weekend), so:

1. I explained to my mother in KY that no, I was nowhere near the parade shooting this morning because I was still out elsewhere when it happened. From the night before. (that's a DJ known as Treasure Fingers, not me)

2. A friend tried to pour vodka down peoples' throats from my balcony. And succeeded a few times. This is a happy customer showing some petticoat in thanks.

3. My friend Kizatherine brought sexy back...
4. I let my friend John wear a mullet wig. He had no excuse to put it on backwards like this, though.

5. I let an Englishman who never finished shaving upstairs.

6. No, this wasn't the office King Cake party. Yes, I know people who wear codpieces....

7. But surrounded by this sort of moral turpetude, what can one expect.

8. This is a family blog, so I won't post the pics of the Draft Stormy person running around naked under my balcony. No, she wouldn't come upstairs, even after my friend poured vodka down her throat from above.

more later.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You know you're famous when...

You're on a MUSES throw! Congratulations, Ronnie Numbers! (photo from the New Orleans Times Picayune) I know you'll get quite the thrill from the thought of all of those women's feet up against your face!

It's coming...

Saving their spots on St. Charles for Muses this morning.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I break my blog silence for Barkus, my favorite Mardi Gras parade. It is the day when Etta (not so) reluctantly ventures forth to meet her adoring public.

Here Etta poses the eternal Barkus question: "Why do you dress me like this, Daddy?" The confusion ends once she goes downstairs and gets (even) more attention than normal

Hey! Butt sniffing is a two-way street, pal!

Hmmm... I saw a documentary about this sort of thing.

Any other time of the year this would be its own post.

Pug bookends

I know, there are other kinds of dogs at Barkus than pugs...

Another shot of these two maginificent beasts.

After the parade, Bugsy (Etta's friend) is ready for a Pimm's Cup!

Well, Etta's done. I have tons more pictures, but I don't want to crash the server.