Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane's Coming!

Time to bring in the plants! I inherited this split-leaf philodendron with my current apartment - it usually lives out on the gallery (see previous posts) where it does well enough to require regular pruning. This thing moving to the hallway has always been something of a bellwether - it also sometimes showed up in my old apartment across the hall. The wardrobe is Italian Art Nouveau - my landlords have a side business doing estate sales. It looks like it belongs in a hotel room overlooking Lago di Como.

ALL of the plants have to come in. Even the ones I would prefer to throw away. Of course I managed to break a pot in my living room. There's a nice marble mantel and campaign bed behind that jungle...

A little grim, no? (well, I was going to paint the floor anyway)

Yes, a bit grim. Now I'm off to help my friends Uptown batten down their hatches. We'll decide tonight or tomorrow morning whether to stay to go. If I stay, I'll stay at their house. If not, Jackson here we come. We being Etta and I. We're prepared.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

View Up Royal, 11:00 pm

A rare quiet night in the Quarter.

A Suggestion for Visitors to the Quarter

Your Chevy Suburban is not a Lotus Elise. Slow your happy ass down.