Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day in the Quarter!

The world is ending!

Well, maybe not, but it was magical enough to drag me from my sick bed (my luck to be sick on the one snow day in New Orleans) and skulk about in the snow with my camera. It will all be a memory by lunchtime.

Decatur and Esplanade (by my office - I had to go there to retrieve my camera)

Decatur and Barracks (the other end of the block)

The Ursuline Convent (Chartres and Ursuline)

My gallery (front porch in Kentuckian)

Etta was NOT interested in her photo op. Even the repeated chorus of "Three Dog Bakery!" couldn't get her to sit and look at the camera.
(The yellow snow was where I spilled my coffee, in case you were wondering)

The view from my bedroom window - I guess I'll be busy pruning this weekend.


Paul Pincus said...

i hope you're on the mend.

this is fantastic and gorgeous!

the quarter rat said...

It was intoxicating while it was happening - I completely forgot myself for a couple of hours.

As for the cold, zicam + theraflu + OJ + pho ga (vietnamese chicken soup) will make short work of that.

Rekanize said...

well done, sir.

but, wait, ZICAM?

(Homeopathic stuff makes me see red)

If it works for you, roll with it, I'm just not convinced.

I was driving through RURAL Mis'shippi and stumbled across massive fields of whiteness. (Talking about the frozen water type, though. The other whiteness is there regardless.)

Wouldn't you guess, I left my camera at home. :(

andrew1860 said...

Beautiful photo's! It's almost unreal seeing the Old Quarter covered in show. I lived in the Quarter for 10 years and never saw show. I had to move to Baltimore after Katrina just to see it. I volunteered at the Old Ursuline Convent for years.