Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Dream Bedroom...

Horst image of Cy Twombly's roman apartment in the 1960s. (image from http://hdldesign.blogspot.com/)

If I won the lottery, this is what my bedroom would look like (minus the fur bedspread - perhaps on the floor for my dog)


Paul Pincus said...

could this be more perfect?!?! the horst image, of course, is gorgeous.

kinda makes think of john richardson's fifth avenue apartment with a little bill blass thrown in. fantastic!

the quarter rat said...

Twombly's apt. in Rome is sort of an ancestor of BB's apartment. My guess is that this is from the original "Houses, Gardens, People." Nest magazine published the outtake photos of this set a few years ago. Look up the Charlie Rose episode filmed at Richardson's apt. It's a treat.