Monday, December 05, 2011

Last Nice Weekend for a While

I love the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the French Quarter. It's usually pretty quiet. There was a Saints game in town today, but the Who-Dats were relatively silent. Except for an idiot in LSU facepaint screaming that under my balcony Saturday morning while I was watering plants.

Everything is getting a little yellow and it's time to start trimming. The canna behind the metal chair blooms until the week before Thanksgiving, so I always give it some TLC before I cut it down to the dirt when I have to bring it in for winter.

The croton and amaryllis were inside on my writing table, but I thought I'd give them one last fling before spring. I finally found my paperwhite bulbs from last year, and they're soaking in the little bowl.

My neighbors' ferns are looking a little worse for wear. It's been a dry summer/fall and they've neglected to maintain their automatic sprinklers.

If there is a ray of sun outside, Etta is there, even if it's freezing (for a while, anyway). I'm home today working, getting the last of my balcony time before a front comes through tonight and finally brings winter. Until it warms up to 70 again in a couple of weeks...

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